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Key Radio KM4000 VHF Radios For Sale

Key Radio KM4000 VHF mobile radios with all U.K. analogue 2m repeaters.

This year, TVRG will be selling Key Radio KM4000 VHF mobile radios. These are programmed for 2m and have all the simplex channels and all the U.K. analogue repeaters with corresponding CTCSS access tones. Yes, that’s right, all U.K. analogue 2m repeaters listed alphabetically. The radios have a capacity for 256 channels. The latest radios have updated firmware, which changes the direction of the microphone buttons and also speeds up the scanning. The radios can be modified for packet radio use and have these frequencies now included.

The Key Radio 4000 is available at the Rally for £20 each.

You can read all about the radios under the ‘For Sale’ section on the recently updated Thames Valley Repeater Group Website at: 

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